Womanhood. Ablaze.

Wonderful woman, I see you.

Aching for more.

More depth in your relationships, more connection with your children, more passion, more purpose, more meaning. I see you, because I was you.

There comes a time for many women when they hit a speed bump. All they thought they knew about themselves and the world comes into question.

Then the unravelling begins.

I work with women as they surrender to the unravelling, the un-learning and the de-programming that has kept from their ultimate power.

Their truth.

Beautiful soul, once you access your truth and learn to live as an embodied, magnetic woman, you will be unstoppable

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Grab that steering wheel gorgeous. It is you and only you who holds the keys to a rich and meaningful life.

Meet Kate

Hi, I’m Kate Leiper, Psychotherapist and Feminine Embodiment Coach.

A recovering academic over-achiever, I spent most of my years as a young woman trying relentlessly to prove I was more than “just a pretty face”. Over-compensating my personal insecurities with degrees and professional pursuits, it wasn’t long until I was going about life completely stuck in my head and disconnected from my body.

Pregnancy and childbirth brought me closer to my essential feminine nature. I remembered in those moments, what it was to be in flow with her.

In openness and surrender.

But it was in early motherhood that I lost her again. The exhaustion, the pressures, the “out-of-control-ness”. It was real and it was hard. It IS hard.

Coming home to my body and my true nature has been medicine for my soul. Reconnecting to the wisdom of my body has gifted me flourishing relationships, a heart-centred approach to mothering and a deeply satisfying career.

Your curiosity won’t fail you…

Women are potent creatures. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood offer us a magical portal into ourselves if we are open to it. But let’s be real – it can be overwhelming, confronting and chaotic as we navigate the murky waters of womanhood.

You are here because you are intrigued. Perhaps you are searching for something and you aren’t even sure what it is.

Although our culture often seeks out the quick-fix, there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for a pleasure-filled life. But woman, you have EVERYTHING you need to cultivate one.

There is absolutely more depth, ease, and fulfilment available to you.

My sessions, programs and workshops combine a delicious fusion of mind and body as we explore your inner truth and desires.

A womanhood ablaze in richness and vitality is YOURS to own.

I invite you to trust your instinct and curiosity today, wonderful woman. Click below to connect.



Congratulations amazing Woman! Enjoy Fuelling your Feminine Fire!


Congratulations amazing Woman! Enjoy Fuelling your Feminine Fire!

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