About Me

About Me

About Me

When I was 7 years old, I witnessed something magical.

Something so peaceful, yet so powerful and awe-inspiring that it set the path for my life.

I watched a woman birth a child.

In the warm waters of a birth pool in the family room of her tranquil home.

That woman was my mother.

After my sister was born, three years later at 10 years old, I was there again, this time patting my mum’s forehead with a cool washer as she laboured in magnificent calm, before my baby brother entered the world.

These experiences hard-wired a clear message into my psyche. They programmed within me a deep KNOWING that women are exceptional creatures, capable of immense strength.

My mother had shown me the sheer power of what is possible when
mind, body and soul are aligned with our truth.

Sadly, as I grew older I found myself continually bombarded with messages attempting to dispute what I KNEW, on a deep cellular level. Messages that were and continue to be counterintuitive to my being. Messages about what my body could or couldn’t handle.

That my body didn’t belong to me. That my body was inferior.

There were times that these messages won out. They tricked me into a false narrative – one I didn’t write. Most times I was able to close the chapter and begin again with the story I knew in my heart.

Other times those poisonous words seemed to brand on my skin; the only option to wait for the scar to fade.

Since birthing my own beautiful girls into the world, I’ve decided to call


Bullshit on the limiting messages that are ripping women off from the joy of
living powerfully and in alignment with their true self.

Bullshit on passing down toxic beliefs that eat away at
the glorious potential of our baby girls.

Bullshit on doing the world a disservice by keeping the voices of women quiet
when they could heal the very fabric of our disintegrating planet.

Many others are calling bullshit too.

A shift in consciousness is happening. The tides are turning and women are stepping up.

But to do this we must


We must relish in the capability of body, mind and spirit. We must ignite creativity and let loose with epic visions of greatness.

We must be

Womanhood. Ablaze.


Congratulations amazing Woman! Enjoy Fuelling your Feminine Fire!


Congratulations amazing Woman! Enjoy Fuelling your Feminine Fire!

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