The Feminine Rebellion is here. Are you in?

The feminine rebellion is here.

It’s been building for a while.

For some time there’s been whisperings in women’s circles and louder declarations of “fuck this shit” on nights out with the girls.

There’s chats in mother’s groups about how “hubby does more washing so he must be way progressive, but why do I still feel so ripped off?”

There’s been more references to the magical Pussy with less cringe and more pride.

I’ve heard Intentions of setting better boundaries and shared conversations about self-care.

There’s interest, you know. Women are feeling it all out.  

But equal to their desires, they ultimately feel, well… STUCK AS FUCK.

Hence, the feminine rebellion has arrived.

This is the movement that gives women and those identifying, the permission to explore what it means to cultivate the parts of themselves trying to emerge without any foreseeable way out.

What it means to get curious about the cycles keeping them stuck and how they might be able to release themselves if they were up for trying something new. Something outlandish and brave.

Loving themselves… even just a little bit.

How do you know if you’re a feminine rebel?

Quite simply, you trust.

Maybe you feel the pull in the words as a flicker of truth in your heart. You are curious. You decide to trust this journey might lead you somewhere interesting and… necessary.

Maybe you’re the woman who’s been cracked open by motherhood, sparking a fire within you didn’t know you had. You trust that fire as a messenger. You follow the sparks because you’ve already seen proof of where they take you and you LIKE IT.

Maybe you’ve always been the change-maker, the woman the patriarchy can’t stand. Perhaps you were born to bear the torch, but your flame risks being extinguished if not refuelled soon. You trust there must be another, more sustainable way. You surrender to a different path.

The curiously compelled. The journeyer. The torch bearer.

I celebrate you.

Welcome to the Feminine Rebellion.

The path that leads us to enough-ness. The path that fills us to wholeness. The path that softens us to authenticity. The path that deepens us to healing. The path that raises us to sovereignty.

On this path, we choose us.

We come back, again and again to choosing us.

We gently stroke our insecurities, be seduced by our pain, and make love to our imperfections.

We decide to rebel against what we know to be false, deep in the marrow of our bones. That we must strive to be more than who we are to be worthy, accepted and loveable.

The beauty of this rebellion is that it does not take hustle. It does not wear us down or ask us to prove ourselves beyond measure.

It only asks us to show up.

Showing up might look like:

  • Listening to our body when she speaks
  • Not settling for what’s “normal” but expanding into what’s right
  • Diving into our mother wound as the gateway to freedom
  • Pleasing ourselves before we go to please others
  • Getting to know our bad girl as intimately as our good girl
  • Expressing and creating in ways that light us up
  • Dancing and moving our bodies in devotion
  • Honouring ourselves and our cycles with loving ritual
  • Prioritising being over doing
  • Committing to pleasure practices

In this showing up, the feminine rebellion doesn’t judge us for how well we dance, how quickly we learn to sensitise after coping through numbness for years, whether we nail setting boundaries perfectly every time, or how consistent we are with our rituals or practices.

No, the feminine rebellion is NEVER about getting anything right.

It is not a test and there are no expectations.

It is a loving and compassionate, yet fiercely devoted movement that stands for the depth and gifts of the feminine.

It is not about disregarding the gifts of the masculine.

Yet, most of us are far more used to operating within these gifts. Gifts like doing, thinking, organisation, strategy, momentum, structure and strength.

The feminine rebellion is about cultivating and honouring the gifts of being, feeling, trusting, flowing, creativity, sensuality, depth and softness alongside the masculine counterparts.

Particularly in motherhood. Particularly in positions of leadership including motherhood.

Imagine feeling like your cup is full to overflowing. That you are well resourced, supported and energised despite the tumultuous twists and turns of raising babies and managing the mother-load.

This isn’t just a pipe dream that you sigh over when fantasising while washing the dishes.

Sensitising your body to her wisdom and learning the art of receiving are just some of the superpowers that magically emerge on initiating the feminine rebellion in you.

I want that for you. I want that for all women.

If you want to un-learn what you’ve previously been taught about motherhood and feminine leadership, own your messy-ness and step into real-ness, embody and celebrate all your complexities, and move into self-devotion in the name of busting down the barriers to your potential and powerfully stepping into our next personal evolution….

Well, you’re in luck.

I’m offering an experience for the game-changers. Those who know they have important things to do in this life.

If that’s you or you know someone who is, make sure you join the many other multi-passionate, courageous women gathering for the feminine rebellion!

Enrolment is again open for my Feminine Rebel 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Program. If you’re keen to chat about whether this opportunity is a good fit for you, be sure to schedule a free chat with me here.

In the meantime, I invite you to explore my work a little more by heading HERE.

Yours in commitment to eliminating stuck-ness in motherhood forever,



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Kick-start your embodied life and meet your mama magic today.

Congratulations amazing Woman! I can't wait to see you in the Free Mama Magic Workshop. Please check your inbox for more information.