When life feels hard: 8 ways to find the sacred in the shit-storm


When everything flows and we’re in a rhythm that feels comfortable and positive, it’s easy to love life. But when the shit-storm hits and debris comes at us from every angle, well it’s tough to celebrate that, right? It can feel impossible to tap into gratitude and the sacred, messy beauty of it all.


It’s coming up to December this weekend. The festive season will officially commence… which means that the shit-storm may just land on your doorstep, woman.


I personally love the festive season, yet it seems it’s so easy to be swept away in the chaotic self-induced pressure cooker of Christmas, all the while neglecting to stop and smell the roses… the glorious roses that remind us of the simple, joyous and soul-enriching opportunities this period can offer.


To this end, I’ve compiled some reminders and suggestions for those of you craving more depth, pleasure and gratitude during a time where our patience may be tested, our relationships may feel stretched, our priorities may teeter off course, and our expectations might be challenged.


And who better to inform the sacred insights? Our sparkly internal guides, the 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes of course.


Majestic Mama says…

Claim ownership of your experience 


Right off the bat, as the silly season kicks off, the Majestic Mama urges you to step into your sovereignty. It’s time to re-wire your brain and shift from a reactive to a proactive stance. Mama, I know you derive such joy from spoiling those around you, but let’s be clear: if your garden ain’t watered, your flowers ain’t blooming.


Decide what YOU need to enjoy this time and lock in dates for child-free catch ups, pampering, workshops or the like, ASAP. Don’t wait and see if you can squeeze in some you time, because GF, it just won’t happen.


Majestic Mama top tip:

Upon waking, before you reach for the phone, roll out of bed at the demands of others, or consider your “to-do” list, stop. Place both hands somewhere on your body, breathe deeply into your hands and FEEL her for a mere 10 seconds. Notice any sensations and where they live. Allow your body to be heard and begin your waking moments consciously connecting to her needs.


Boss Mama says…

Rules are made to be broken 


I’m going to guess that your Boss Mama is generally in kick-arse organisational mode most of the year. She is the one nailing motherhood + life like a Tetris puzzle aficionado, right?


Well I think it’s high time that The Boss Mama in you loosened the reigns, just a tad. Just enough to allow the other archetypes to have their way with you. Because you see, the Boss Mama’s dominant energy is masculine. It’s super important that she is honoured for her grounded, practical and efficient ways, yet if she doesn’t get a break now and then, she has the tendency to forget about all the other juicy, wonderful facets of who she is.


Boss Mama top tip:

You know those times you have a choice, but your sensible left brain kicks in? Well how about choosing differently, mama. Let your kids have something they’re not usually allowed to… watch the glee in their faces and relish in that. Accidentally “forget” to wear knickers and enjoy your little secret, or enrol in a class that is not practical whatsoever, but you know will light you up.


The sacred treats

Sensual Mama says…

Call in your desires


It’s no lie that you CAN have all you desire, woman. Even the desires you believe to be out of your reach.


However, just thinking about what you want is not enough, because when your brain is invited to weigh in on your desires, it will try to tell you that what you want is not achievable, realistic or appropriate; or that you’re unworthy or not good enough to receive them. But, these messages are unquestionably outdated and most definitely not the truth.


The key to laying down new beliefs and crystallising your deepest desires? Regularly invite the feelings evoked by these desires into your body and create visceral representations of what you wish to call in.


Sensual Mama top tip:

As often as you can, devote time to creative expression. Wether this is art, movement, making music, or writing, set aside time to let your creative essence come through. As an act of conscious devotion to your desires, create an altar in a space just for you (away from tiny hands!). Involve things from nature, personal and symbolic items, and anything else that acts as a reminder of your desire and injects renewed energy in you to make them come alive.


Change-maker Mama says…

The small things grow into the big things


That wildly determined, passionate side of you committed to change? She has set some pretty high standards. Over this holiday period, you have an opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve actually come.

As awake, game-changing women we see the possibilities for a better world and we don’t sit on our laurels waiting for it to materialise, we go out there and get it happening ourselves.

However, it’s essential to pause and truly appreciate the incremental shifts along the way. Perhaps you’ve stepped up somewhere in your life with more courage than before. Maybe you’ve noticed new, healthier patterns emerging in your relationships. Experienced new personal growth and insight. Perceived your children thriving in new areas. When you focus on abundance over lack, things only continue to prosper.


Change-maker Mama top tip:

Focus on gratitude for what is, rather than focussing on “what isn’t yet”. Surprise a loved one (or a stranger!) with an unexpected gesture of love, thank you or appreciation. Be part of the pay-it-forward revolution and inspire others to acknowledge the small things we all do, creating a ripple effect of love and compassion.


Whimsical Mama says… 

Invite joy in, even if the Grinch is home


Sometimes it can be hard to cultivate festive, spirited fun if others or you yourself are stuck in a bah-humbug kinda mood about it all. The Whimsical Mama chooses joy over Grinchy-vibes any day.


It’s not about having the carols blaring or tinsel coming out your ears, but it is about deciding that regardless of your personal beliefs about Christmas consumerism, or a misplaced focus on trivial celebrations over serious global political issues, cultivating joy is sustenance for the soul. How that looks for you may be vastly different to how mass media dictates it be done, but this is where the fun comes in.


Whimsical Mama top tip:

Create festive family rituals that are aligned to your specific values. Invite joy into your day through conscious acts of curiosity and openness. Start mornings with music and dancing as you get ready, watch the dorky, funny movies as a family, encourage and inspire your children to imagine and fantasise with role play and creativity.


Wild Mama says…

Harness the energy of the earth


Have you ever been so exhausted that you didn’t notice the full moon? Or so preoccupied that you went to the beach, but didn’t really absorb the feeling of the sand between your toes or the water on your skin? Or so busy that you hadn’t eaten, gone to the loo or put on a jumper – even though you really needed to?


When we exist only in our heads, neglecting to feel and respect our body, we can miss out on a hell of a lot of richness in life. When we operate only in our man-made bubble of existence, without taking the time to ground into the earth, revere her cycles and her natural gifts, we are downright wasting our time on this planet.


Our Wild Mama resides deep in our flesh and bones. She pleads with us to do away with the “shoulds” and access the magic of the sacred feminine, through a connection to the Great Mother herself.


Wild Mama top tip:

Pay close attention to your body and how she is communicating with you. Begin with your own cycle. Notice her signs; any pain, discomfort, heaviness of bleed, as well as what she asks of you during each phase. As with the cycles of the moon, your Wild Mama calls you to rest and reflect, or stand and be seen. Mother Nature is your reflection. Sensitise yourself to how the different textures of her terrain show up in you.


woman lying on the sacred earth

Nurture Mama says… 

Reach out and connect 


The potential for overwhelm is real. The teething, the toilet training, the tantrums, the mess. Motherhood in all it’s exquisite complexity can bring us to our knees.


It’s so easy to get stuck in cycles of frustration and resentment when we’re in the thick of tough times. Sometimes the phrase “pick your battles” should be written on a sticky note and stuck on every surface of the house as a reminder that not everything is worth the energy to fight.


When we are triggered and tired, it’s not easy to feel inspired to connect with our kids OR notice the sweet lovely things they do amongst the stuff that gives us headaches. Yet, when we make the choice to override our feelings of righteousness and anger by reaching out to them with softness and openness, the whole dynamic can shift.


Nurture Mama top tips:

Even if you’ve had a rough evening together, ensure that you reach out to your child with love before they go to bed. Connect through touch, stories and songs, inviting your child to reflect on their experiences in their own words, as you listen and receive. Savour the sacred, beautiful moments with an internal snapshot of the mind. Notice the things that make your heart swell with love and consciously breathe them in in the moment, allowing them to ground you and remind you that “this too shall pass” when challenges arise.


Sage Mama says…

It’s all in the reframe


The Sage Mama knows that we are not merely a passive recipient of our life, but instead a co-creatress. This notion may feel impossible to accept when experiences of trauma, illness, grief and loss appear to plague us out of nowhere.


Yet, she who cultivates a connection to universal energy and accesses the ancient feminine wisdom in her cells, knows this as her truth. She knows that our experiences don’t happen to us, they happen for us. Even in her pain, the Sage Mama returns to the understanding that life is about the evolution of humanity. It asks us to grow and heal beyond our perceived limitations, trusting that if we listen to our highest self we will always find the answers that we seek.


She brings us back to love. She shows us that even in the darkest times, the sacred can be found and cherished.


Sage Mama top tip: 

Being spiritual does not equate to being religious. Developing a relationship to spirit is highly personal and unique to you. Harnessing the wisdom of your higher self takes receptivity and practice, but she is there – even if you haven’t met her yet. Find her in the stillness, find her as you move your body, find her in nature, find her in self-pleasure and sex, find her in your creativity. Connect to her and you will connect to the bigger picture. Connect to her and you will always be provided for.



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