Facet of the Mother #8: The wise mother doing the work for humanity

When we think of a wise woman, we assume her to be old. The Crone archetype. The one who has lived, with stories to tell.


The truth is, we all have this wise old Crone within, regardless of our time on the planet. If we let her, she will guide us. Not only out into the world, but deep into our soul as well.


The final archetype in the Facets of the Mother Series is just this woman.


She is the Sage Mama.


The one who knows. The one with ancient blood running through her veins and a connection to the universe anchored in trust.


Trust in the knowing that we are all one. Just vibrating atoms in space, figuring out how to live in the skin suit we’re in.


As a mother raising the next generation in contentious times, the Sage Mama understands that she has a role to play. In a world dominated by patriarchal oppression, aggression, and division, she knows that the wise feminine holds the keys to unlocking the new path forward.


An abundant future for all requires meaningful action. Action derived from listening – REALLY listening – to those whose time it is to be heard.


The Sage Mama demands we pay attention. Raising children is not just about passing on family legacy. It is about raising an evolved consciousness with the capacity to make profoundly positive global change.


These are first on her agenda:


1. Wake up and parent with awareness.


We do love a good label, don’t we?


Attachment parent. Gentle parent. Conscious parent.


All with admirable intentions, yet with labels comes the potential for non-inclusion and shame for those not feeling able to live up to the criteria that the tribe insists upon.


The desire to belong and connect with like-minded others is exceptionally strong for many new mothers. As with all new and unfamiliar terrain, finding those with aligned values and parenting approaches feels like a safe, supportive haven.


Yet sometimes, hidden in the fabric of what may appear to be a compassionate community is dogma, judgment, and superiority.


It is those who are most vulnerable (i.e. without any further support network, experiencing mental health concerns, belonging to a marginalized population, or isolated for any reason) who may find themselves feeling less safe and more stressed by highly problematic unwritten laws and standards established by those setting the rules.


The Sage Mama must stay discerning.


Which is unquestionably challenging when depletion, overwhelm and uncertainty are often part and parcel of new motherhood.


Wise mother with her child


As essential self-care, this deeply wise mother (which she unequivocally IS) must stay awake to her own needs, despite the values of the whole group. She must check in with her inner knowing as to what feels right for her, despite others urging her to follow what’s right for them.


Without a doubt, the Sage Mama believes there are great benefits to mothering from a heart-centered, connected approach; yet staying conscious to her individual mothering wisdom is more important to her than ascribing to a particular style of parenting.


She understands the parenting dynamic as a classroom. The most powerful reflection of self – if you choose to look at it.


In her prudence, this wise mother allows her children to teach her just as much as she teaches them. Dismantling outdated personal beliefs, understanding triggers and healing old wounds are all made possible by relinquishing control and surrendering to what SHE must learn to grow through the family paradigm.


It is by personal evolution that the Sage Mama will cease to pass down the toxic, often unconscious patterns that continue to perpetuate damaging cycles of emotional and psychological issues amongst generations.


This is awake parenting, although no label is necessary.


2. Walking our talk and being wise-in-action


If you walk around with blinkers on, you may have missed the memo that the Patriarchy is falling. If you are aware and/or part of the rising feminine stepping up to change the trajectory of the planet, then you’ll know we have quite some work to do.


As a wise mother, you will know that the time is now.


The tides are turning and in order to allow for the greatest momentum, it’s time to make a stand on the big issues.


However, the Sage Mama doesn’t scream and shout. She doesn’t resort to cowardly tactics of manipulation and violence.


Before she speaks, she listens.


This is her gift. She may not be the loudest, placard-waving protester, but she will be the one committed to learning.


She will be the one putting her knowledge into action, in order to create meaningful change.


Anti-racism education.


Environmental sustainability analysis.


Holistic health studies.


Gender and sexuality teachings.


All political matters that will affect her children as they grow.


All political matters that have been governed under a veil of ignorance by the majority powers for far too long.


The Sage Mama illuminates the ways that we as humans of the Patriarchy treat our planet, our bodies and other people are synonymous with the ways we treat the feminine.


With disrespect and dishonour.


Not as the awe-inspiring, dynamic, lavish, regenerative, creative life-force energy that she is.


That we all are.


Wise mother changes the world


From burning women at the stake during witch trials, to passing legislation determining what a woman can or cannot do with her own body in modern democracy, women continue to be persecuted.


The feminine continues to be violated and treated as “less than”.


The wise mother is the part of you tired to the bone. Tired, but not defeated. Tired, but still learning and still steadily making change in her own home and out in her community.


Tired, but still sharing the truth of her scars – the most potent wisdom there is.


3. We must go bravely into the dark, in order to see the light


The Sage Mama is going to keep it real here. You may have the mala beads, you might do yoga 5 times a week wearing $200 tights made out of recycled fishing line, and you might sign off your emails with “love and light”, but she asks you – woman, have you danced in your own darkness?


If your answer is no, then you may in fact be contributing to lowering the frequency of the planet instead of raising it up.


New age spirituality is all the rage. Except, ironically it’s disconnected to the rage. It’s run so far away from the rage that it’s shockingly negligent.


The spiritual self-help communities are built upon and sustained by multi-billion dollar businesses preaching about positive mindset, manifesting abundance and spreading love and light. All enticing, feel-good notions, which can bring about immensely powerful shifts in the lives of those who… wait for it… ARE ALREADY PRIVILEDGED.


And before the cacophony of “I’ve worked for everything I have, I’m not privileged”, retorts abound from the white, cis-gendered, able-bodied gals in the house, you’d better check your self.


The Sage Mama wishes to remind you that our black and brown, lesbian, queer and trans sisters, as well as our sisters with disabilities, cannot simply manifest their way into being members of a non-marginalised majority group.


Patriarchal society serves white men first. Followed by white women. If you are a white mother who subscribes to the new age spiritual community, then you may be feeling a little uncomfortable reading this.




Because if we have any chance in healing and truly raising the vibes of the planet, we must get real and dive headfirst into our muck.


The white supremacy.


The privileged ignorance.


The internalized misogyny.


The addictions.


The self-hate.


Because we can collect crystals, meditate and pull tarot cards like nobody’s business, but that is not the work.


Traversing the darkness is the work.


Finding others doing the work and boldly opening your heart to their message is the work.


Pushing the comfort zone and dismantling privilege is the work.


For the Sage Mama believes that no one is free until we are ALL free.


If the Sage Mama within you is ready to traverse her darkness and claim her feminine wisdom, I would be honoured to support you to embody your feminine superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


I invite you to join me for a complimentary 40-minute discovery call where I will show you how you can harness not only her magic, but the potent qualities of all 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes, to connect to your powerful body-based wisdom and cultivate deep self-knowing, trust and confidence as a mother.


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This was the 8th Archetype in the Facet of the Mother series. Be sure to meet the previous archetype, the Majestic Mama or go right back to the beginning and learn about #1, the Whimsical Mama.


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