Facet of the Mother #7: The sovereign mother leading with courage


Modern feminism seems a tad confused. The contradictory messages flung here, there and everywhere regarding how women “should” be and how mothers “should” behave are often shallow, prescriptive and regularly reference the ways that men show up in the world as a benchmark.


So then, what does it mean to be a modern, empowered and sovereign mother? This archetype may bring some answers, or at least invoke conscious personal exploration. She is the Queen of the facets of the mother series, the regal leader that needs no introduction.


She is the Majestic Mama.


Bold, confident and compelling, she does motherhood her way.


With the conviction of the Changemaker Mama and the self-devotion of the Sensual Mama, the Majestic Mama brings an enhanced potency to feminine leadership, both inside and outside the family home.


But, there’s a catch. As a capable, determined woman, she can find herself in a bind. For as much as she recognises she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, it sure can be lonely at the top.


It is through deep self-inquiry and honest reflection that the Majestic Mama has come to understand what it means to be powerful.


With a naturally influential nature and inclination towards leadership, this sovereign mother declares that the modern woman would serve herself and those around her best to consider these 3 things:


1. Detach from expertise and embrace embodied leadership


We are in an age where the more certificates you have hanging on your wall and the number of letters following your name the more you are deemed an expert in any area. Many of us trust blindly and make assumptions based on “expertise” that the majestic mama deems a risk.


She urges you to peer a little closer. Dig a little deeper. Are they practicing what they preach? Where do their loyalties lie? Are they in integrity?


Perhaps it’s cynicism, or maybe people are getting tired of hearing one-dimensional opinions in a five-dimensional world.


Declaring expertise conveys an end game. It implies that learning is no longer required. It sets a person up to be perceived as infallible and all-knowing, which of course cannot be possible because… well, humanness.


The Majestic Mama, as she navigates the new terrain of feminine leadership, proposes that we reject the notion of expertise and cultivate an embodied approach to leading instead.


This looks like authenticity. Honesty. Life-long learning. Questioning. Challenging. Intuitive decision-making. Relationships.


Embodied feminine leadership operates from the heart. It is steering the ship from a space of strength by virtue of vulnerability. Being open and reflexive, accepting that there is never a one-size-fits-all answer to all issues.


It is being well informed, well practiced and well resourced; leading and guiding from knowledge, yet being clear that one cannot ever know it all.


She approaches her family and her work from the same lens. Embodied and connected, she gives herself permission to feel and to fuck up, but most importantly embracing radical responsibility for all that unfolds by her doing.


Releasing expectation of perfection on herself and others, she stands instead for equality, justice, and compassion for all.


2. Abandon fearlessness and adopt courageousness


Since when is fear a bad thing?


At first glance, being fearless appears to be the pinnacle of strength. We believe that in a state of fearlessness we are invincible, yet what are we overcoming if our trepidation doesn’t exit? And what about those things we genuinely should be afraid of?


The Majestic Mama acknowledges fear for what it is. A normal physiological response to feeling threatened and unsafe.


The kind of response that occurs when we are way out of our comfort zone and either purposefully challenging ourselves to grow, or facing deep seated personal discomfort by virtue of circumstance.


Sovereign mother and babe

Being courageous is not being fearless. Being courageous is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


As a bold, capable, sovereign mother, the Majestic Mama honours fear and why it exists, and chooses to cultivate courage to get past it.


So many of us live in a state of perpetual fear. As mothers, we can be frightened for our children, for our security, our relationships, our career, and our future. Understanding the root causes of our fear is actually where our strength lives.


Choosing fearlessness is denying our complexities, triggers and emotional depth.


Ignoring these in pursuit of what we think we want can manifest in ways that are not only unsustainable, but have that flavor of “is this it?” when we get to the top.


Being fearless is yet another non-sensical absolute we are fed by social media memes and advertising. It’s not actually possible unless you’re a robot.


Being determined, persistent, brave and flexible are ingredients that when combined, foster achievement richer and more enduring than success gained through relentless force and self-ignorance.


The feminine feels. The feminine creates. The feminine flows. All attributes that the Majestic Mama tunes into as she leads with courage over fear.


3. Relinquish fierce independence and forge empowered connection


Ah, the deception of independence. The alluring quest for freedom achieved by relying on no-one other than ourselves.


As modern women, many of us chase it all. We know we are clever. Capable. Resourceful. So in our pursuit of having it all, we are literally DOING it all.


See the problem here?


The Majestic Mama, the driving force behind a busy family and possibly also a thriving career, may not NEED anyone, let alone a man, to prop her up…


Yet, humans are wired for connection and flourish in relationship and within community.


We have worked so hard as women to become so fiercely independent, that many of us have become our own worst enemy.


sovereign mother in pregnancy


As modern mamas, we are ambitious. We want what’s best for our family to thrive AND we want to live out our life’s personal purpose. Yet, we don’t know how to ask for help.


We still insist on DOING ALL THE THINGS in order to prove how capable we are, but at what cost?


The Majestic Mama archetype sees the self-inflicted and culturally perpetuated damage being done to women who are so staunchly resolute in their pursuit of independence, that they continue to isolate themselves more and more.


And it is not their fault. It’s not that they can’t do it all, but should they have to? And who and what are they trying to prove?


Knowing the answers to these questions is imperative for the mama who strives to have it all.


As an embodied leader who prioritises courage over fearlessness, the Majestic Mama stands for sisterhood. She stands for connection. She stands for transparent, authentic relationships. She stands for coming together with the objective of supporting one another, as opposed to purposeful isolation in the name of avoiding apparent weakness and dependency.


This sovereign mother knows in her bones that the most powerful individuals are those connected to community. The love, compassion and support generated in this nourishing space feeds growth and resilience.


Growth and resilience are the backbone of great leadership.


In every aspect of her life, the Majestic Mama remembers the saying, “It takes a village”. It doesn’t matter how strong or adept she is, she is human.


Deep and passionate.


Gentle and tolerant.


Creative and collaborative.


A different approach to leadership brings new possibilities. This mama is ready to step up and rule like a modern Queen. 



If the Majestic Mama within you is ready to meet and step into her sovereign gifts, I would be honoured to support you to embody your feminine superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


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