Facet of the Mother #6: The instinctive mother healing the collective feminine


Do you remember the first time anyone spoke to you about birth as child? What about conversations around your first bleed? How did those around you broach the topic of sex?


The discussions and general behaviour around such events will have set the tone for how you feel about, navigate and celebrate womanhood.


The 6th archetype in the Facets of the Mother series refuses to tolerate the stigmatisation and disrespect of such vitally formative feminine experiences. She is a woman of raw, primal nature. This instinctive mother stands for reclamation.


She is the Wild Mama.


Born of Mother Earth, she is brazenly all woman. She rejects being categorised, pathologised, patronised, or branded anything less than she is.


Innately powerful, by virtue of the complexity of her being.


She bleeds. She fucks. She orgasms. She grows life. She births. She feeds from her breasts. And she won’t apologise for any of it.


It’s not about rebellion. It’s not an act of defiance. The wild mama is merely taking back what’s hers.


Her goddess given right to live in her magical, life-giving, pleasure-seeking, emotionally expressive body without shame or remorse.


Without dimming her light. Glossing up the messy bits. Quieting the noisy bits. Saying sorry for the bits that make others uncomfortable.


When an instinctive mother trusts her own body above everything else, honouring her gifts and worshiping her wild nature, something extraordinary happens.


She begins to feel herself in sync with the universe. A perfect, divine extension of Mother Nature herself.


Self-judgment, shame and endless overwhelm no longer hold her captive. She is free to mother from a space of instinct and trust, freeing her from the limitations of her analytical mind.


Just like the Autumn dissolves into Winter, so she follows the rhythm of her internal seasons. Just like the new moon expands to full, so she follows her own feminine cycle. Knowing when to rest and when to bloom is her super power.


So how then can this instinctive mother cultivate this embodied wisdom in her children? The wild mama has a responsibility. She has a legacy. She plays a fundamental role in the rising of the feminine.


She takes hold of an opportunity to raise daughters with wild spirits that embrace and celebrate the power of woman. Here is where she starts:


1. Birth


Where else could she start but with the potent messages of childbirth? The wild mama wants her daughter to know one underlying factor.


A woman’s body is made to birth.


She tells her that the intensity is real and all consuming. But to surrender is the key. She teaches her what her body is capable of. How it expands and opens and how each surge is to be welcomed with breath, not fought nor feared.


She reminds her that wild animals find quiet, dark spaces to birth their young, in their own time. There is a reason for this, she says. When a mother can be left to retreat in privacy, enabling birth to unfold without time restraints, violating procedures, pressure, medicalization, and fear mongering; she is free to step into her true power.


She tells tales of birth with only wonder and awe. Passing on wisdom to her daughter of the magic she can experience – just for being fortunate enough to be born a girl.


Instinctive mama birthing


2. Her cycle


The wild mama is on a mission. To defy the messages her girls are exposed to, humiliating and denigrating the miracle of the feminine cycle. She teaches her girl the gift of how to listen and understand her body. With this, she can cultivate a relationship to her internal guidance system, supporting her to thrive.


As she enters womanhood with her first bleed, her daughter is celebrated and revered.


The wild mama marks this rite of passage with a heartfelt and sacred ritual, blessing her daughter and warmly welcoming her to the next stage in her life.


She delivers messages of experience, urging her to follow the lead of her body. She will tell her that even though much of the world may not understand, if she trusts her cycle and the wisdom it speaks, learning to rest when called to rest, she will not go wrong.


Imagine if all girls were honoured this way?


2. Sex


When the daughters of the wild mama are young and exploring their body with glee, they will not be reprimanded. When their curious minds inquire about other bodies and how babies are made, they will not be stifled or shamed for their innocent interest.


As an instinctive mother, she knows the potentially destructive power that slapping a tiny hand away, words of disgust or an attitude of shock can bring to a developing mind.


As sexual beings from birth, how we communicate and model sexuality to our children wires their brains towards either positive and empowering experiences, or negative and disempowering experiences.


The wild mama knows all too well the labels women receive if they dare step beyond the limited acceptability for what our patriarchal society dictates for women and sex.







Words for a woman who has the audacity to challenge the “rules” created by white men to maintain ownership over her and keep her small.


instinctive mother and the moon


Words that have no power when the woman on the receiving end is secure and comfortable in her own skin, embracing her right to pleasure and freedom of choice without apology.


The sex education available to young people is dismal at best, negligent at worst. With sheer emphasis on avoiding pregnancy and STD’s, girls are not only taught to fear sex from the outset, they are fed the illusion that pleasure belongs to the male, whereas females are simply a receptacle.


The wild mama says enough is enough.


She knows that informing her daughter about the pleasures available to her in her wondrous body will not send her to the devil via teenage pregnancy, but instead will foster a level of self-love, acceptance and respect for the sacredness of her feminine form, rather than send her to the depths of self-loathing and shame all too common in girls and women everywhere.


Yes, it takes courage for a woman conditioned to hate, abuse, numb out and fear her body to raise a daughter differently. Yes, it takes great commitment to do the work FIRST, in order to shift generational cycles of toxic internalized misogyny. Yes, it can be frightening. And uncomfortable. And painful.


But it is ESSENTIAL if we, as mothers, are to be a force behind the rising feminine.


Meeting, welcoming and integrating our wild mama archetype may bring about extreme resistance. We are talking about re-patterning thousands of years of squashing her down and rejecting her from our psyche and our embodied wisdom.


Yet, we cannot serve our daughters if we cannot serve ourselves first.


Heal the sexual abuse. The birth trauma. The body shame. The eating disorder. The emotional/hormonal balance. The internalized misogyny.


Heal the heart. The womb. The yoni.


Heal the wild mama in you, and your daughters will heal the world.



If the Wild Mama within you is yearning to emerge, I would be honoured to support you to embody your feminine superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


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