Facet of the Mother #5: This ambitious mama is grounded in purpose


You’ve heard of her, right?


You know, the illusive super mum nailing all 85,000 things on her plate with grace and poise? Of all the facets of the mother, this ambitious mama is the archetype that runs the risk of “supermum syndrome” above all.


She is the Boss Mama.


She’s grounded, yet driven. Organised, yet visionary. Relatable, yet totally kick-ass.


She is ridiculously capable, but as an actual human being and not a cape wearing super heroine, she can only accomplish so much before burning out.


You see, this mama is in a bind.


She’s been taught that she can have it all. At once.


And not only does she strive to achieve it all at once, she’s glorified for it in the process.


Because that’s what we do. Celebrate those who can perfect an Elsa braid in one breath and hustle like a mother f**ker the next.


How ironic.


In her power, the mother with all these capabilities knows how and when to lean into the drive for success, and how and when to lean out to nurture herself and her family.


As an ambitious mama who can fall into obsession in pursuit of her goals, it’s important she remembers these 3 key considerations before she wears herself down into the ground.




1. They are the point


“They”, being her kids and partner.


In her relentless pursuit of success, whether it be in business, career, self-development, academic studies, or simply chasing the world’s most incredible mother award, it’s easy for her to forget the point of it all.


The little one’s looking up at her.


For guidance. Connection. Acknowledgement.


To see her face light up at their new skill. To feel her pride as they win an award. To stroke their hair and squeeze them to her chest as they dissolve into tears.


Ambitious mama and toddler


When grounded in gratitude, the Boss Mama delivers a sense of safety and security surpassing most of the other mother archetypes. But, when she loses contact with the blessings right under her nose in her quest for achievement and external validation, it will be the relationship with her family that will crack first.


She’s not just aware of the need for periods of no-screen time, date nights, playground visits and meditation; she schedules them in as priority.


Although to many it might seem anal retentive, her Type A, structured and organized personality functions best when she manages her calendar for work, rest and play.


When she remembers that much of her drive comes from the desire to show her family what a woman and mother can achieve when she is aligned to her heart’s purpose, she brings herself back down to the ground and appreciates the gifts of her most amazing creations yet: her babies.


2. Her feminine essence is her secret weapon


It’s everywhere she looks:


SMASH your goals!


BREAK through your limitations!


PUSH past the barriers!


FIGHT for what is yours!


The barrage of masculine dominant messages, declaring that there is only one way to achieve success.




But this ambitious mama is trying a different tactic. She’s not a man and an aggressive approach to business, mothering and life in general is not intrinsic to her being.


She knows there are rewards in following her essential nature.


She’s experienced the power of collaboration over competition. She’s grown beyond expectation, due to authenticity over strategy. She’s felt spacious and expansive as she works with her feminine cycles, instead of hustling without reprieve.


Practicing the art of embodiment, allowing her heart to lead and her feminine essence to ground her and return her to flow, is her secret weapon.


In this space, she is unstoppable.


Because she’s not BREAKING through, she’s BLOOMING through.


There is a softness to her that ripples through her family and out into the world she cares for so deeply.


Ambitious mama whispering her secret


This is what the Boss Mama is about. She will revolutionize the Super Mum, abandoning her in the fictional land of the Mommy Wars.


She is the woman who rides the tide of a shifting paradigm, integrating motherhood and purposeful ambition without selling her feminine soul to the structures that don’t value her.


3. She’s playing the long game


Perhaps the hardest to swallow, the Boss Mama writes this on her bathroom mirror as a constant reminder to trust in the process.


Longevity is where it’s at, although the passionate spirit of this ambitious mama finds this hard to accept sometimes.


She wants to feel momentum, the elation of achievement, but… KIDS.


This is where surrender becomes her super power.


In a fast-paced world where everyone wants everything now, the challenge to surrender is real.


It’s been her greatest lesson so far, but consciously savouring the long game of child-raising, supports her to embrace the slowly unfolding vision of her career, studies, and life purpose.


But this acceptance didn’t just land in her lap.


And it didn’t occur because she willed it in her mind.


Sure, mindset is important, but it’s incomplete. Society bangs on about “positive thinking” and “manifesting”, but the Boss Mama recognises that a brain that’s conditioned to believe that working longer and harder is the way forward, will continue to revert back to this faulty and limiting belief.


You see, she knows that the tenderness of “not enough” lives in her body.


The thoughts that arise because of this deeply residing core belief are merely the gatekeepers. It’s only by spending time in her body, welcoming the sensations that she’s spent so long trying to avoid, that she can steer herself away from relentless self-induced pressure and towards acceptance and compassion of her FULL self.


All of her. The shame, the pain, the guilt, the love, the passion, the pride.


This is the key to surrender.


The acceptance of what is.


The blessed opportunity of motherhood, co-existing alongside the slow, steady unraveling of a woman with powerful potential to do great things.


When the time is right.



If the Boss Mama within you craves more balance and pleasure, I would be honoured to support you to embody your feminine superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


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Kate x


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Congratulations amazing Woman! I can't wait to see you in the Free Mama Magic Workshop. Please check your inbox for more information.