Facet of the Mother #2: This fierce mama uses her voice for change


Motherhood can be a profound catalyst for a woman to connect to a new powerful voice within. All of a sudden, what she cares about changes and expands and she sees the world in a different way. A new, fierce mama emerges and she is unstoppable.


She is the Changemaker Mama.


The facet of you that stands for truth. The part that won’t back down when it comes to fighting the good fight on behalf of anyone who needs an advocate.


Her passionate, honest expression is a force for change within her family and the greater community. Whether she is diving into research and questioning the status quo on behalf of her children’s health, committing to inclusive education and practices in the workplace, or advocating for her needs in partnership, she chooses courage over comfort every time.


In order to step into this mother archetype and thrive, it’s essential for the Changemaker Mama to put her own wellbeing at the forefront. This woman needs extra energy to not only be a force for change in her family, but to make waves far and wide.


Fierce mama with son

To ensure she is thoroughly supported in her efforts, here are 3 things this fierce mama must attend to first:


  1. A strong, honest understanding of her personal values


So often, we form opinions on things without understanding or evaluating what is ACTUALLY true for us. It is common to “decide” how we feel about a person, situation or issue based on a reflex, but where has our opinion actually come from?


Going through the exercise of identifying our deeply held values and knowing how and when they originated can be an illuminating experience. It is not unusual to grow up believing particular things should be a certain way, only to realize that once we explore this value further, we learn it doesn’t actually feel true in our body.


Our mind thinks this is our core value because it was passed down to us by generations of family members and that’s what we’ve been led to believe is right, but on deeper exploration, our heart does not align with the value at all.


When we know our values and acknowledge them as the basis of our needs, we can ask for support much easier and with more self-assurance.


  1. The ability to pause, metabolise and reflect on information BEFORE acting.


This is directly related to point #1. When the fire in our belly is so strong that our tendency is to immediately jump to expressing our views, whether it be to our partner or to the world in a social media post, it might be worth considering the power of the pause.


The beauty of having a voice to make change in the world is that many people can hear it. The downfall of having a voice to make change in the world is also that many people can hear it.


The Change Maker Mama has a responsibility. To use her powerful presence, her fierce determination and her game-changing message to inspire shifts in humanity. Coming at an issue like a bull at a gate without taking the time to metabolise the learnings and reflect on whether or not you’ve been adequately informed, have explored issues of bias and are grounded in your truth ENOUGH to not just be making more noise in a noisy world, is plain unhelpful.


It is one thing to have leadership qualities, but it is another to embody authentic, responsible leadership.


  1. Establish strong embodied boundaries


For this fierce mama to stay healthy, strong and away from burnout, boundaries are non-negotiable. Let’s be real here, how to discern and establish good personal boundaries should be on the school curriculum for all, but when we are talking motherhood – especially for a woman like the Changemaker, boundaries must be a priority.


Very specifically, let’s talk boundaries about money and time. It’s no secret that many women find it hard to place a monetary value on their work. A huge proportion of women work in the lowest paying industries with the highest levels of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.


Fierce mama thinking


Burnout is REAL and if the Changemaker Mama isn’t as committed to protecting and honouring herself as much as those she is fighting for, her voice will never have the reach she desires.


It doesn’t matter if it’s locking in 2 hours per week away from her children to recalibrate, or charging appropriately for her time in her business, or clearly articulating the limits of her role in a paid or non-paid capacity.

She must be explicit in her boundaries and uphold them in integrity.


Establishing clear boundaries enables a person to give from a space of true compassion. The more solid the container, the more powerful and potent the work inside. Ultimately then, the more positive change she can make – which for this fierce mama, is everything.


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