Facet of the Mother #1: This playful mother is worth the adventure

This sweet, playful mother is a devotee to curiosity and adventure. She is the choc chips in your cookie, the mint in your mojito and the glitter on your pixie wings.


Introducing the first Diamond Mother Archetype, the Whimsical Mama.


Motherhood demands us to be on the ball, organised and generally more “adulty” than our former non-parent selves. The unfortunate side effect of these requirements mean that oftentimes, we lose touch with the parts of us that are nourished by imagination, play and creativity for creativity’s sake.


It’s a reality that many of us, depending on how we were raised or just as a byproduct of regular “life getting in the way”; don’t have a comfortable relationship to play, messiness, role play and surrendering to the world of make-believe with our children.


The Whimsical Mama is a facet of you that may never have been encouraged freely, or a part of you that you adore – but that you aren’t sure how to cultivate again.


She is the archetypal maiden. Innocent, intuitive, and curious, she delights in nature and the subtleties of life around her. In motherhood, she is the playful mother. The free-spirited mother. The mother who is equal student as she is teacher, in this thing called life.


Playful mother blowing bubbles

Here are 3 reasons why reconnecting to your

Whimsical Mama will go a long way to boost your spirits.


(Remember, she is only 1 of 8 facets that reside in you. Stay tuned for the following 7 to come!)

1. She attracts interesting new experiences into her life!

Feeling bogged down in the daily grind? Uninspired and flat? Opening yourself to the Whimsical Mama will change that quick smart. Routine is great when you’re the Boss Mama, but this free-spirit thrives on spontaneity and following the fun. It’s amazing how simply welcoming that inkling you have and trying something new instead of going for the regular “safe” option, or going on an adventure somewhere a little crazy can open up new opportunities, perspectives and reignite new inspiration.

2. She has a wonderful connection to her children.

There’s something very powerful in getting down on a child’s level and allowing them to teach YOU. The Whimsical Mama naturally wears the hat of the student, which benefits her greatly when it comes to her relationship with her children. Not only does she delight in seeing things through her child’s eyes, but she also gets to know her kids in a way many adults don’t. She appreciates their idiosyncrasies and embraces their uniqueness in warmth and genuineness. A pure connection that many of us mature folk miss, while we get out knickers in a knot about boring grown up things like not sharing, saying please or getting dirty hands on our skirt.

3. She is well taken care of in the bedroom (or the bathroom, or the dining room, or the backyard…)

There’s something to be said (ok, A LOT to be said) for letting your curiosity lead. A playful mother is a pleasure-filled mother, so this mama is feeling flirty and fun, then she will make it known. Her innocent ability to prioritise pleasure allows her to surrender into absolute receptivity, creating perfect polarity to the masculine energy of a partner.

Mama, this is the part of you that desires nothing more than to be protected, cherished and adored. That wants to leave your heavy responsibilities behind and be taken care of. Although this is not always possible, being able to cultivate the Whimsical Mama’s soft, wide-eyed and mischievous spark can balance out the opposing demands of mothering and life.


Playful mother with partner and guitar

This facet of the mother is the gateway to your inner child.


The layers of armor that we erect to keep ourselves safe from harm can be thick and heavy. The Whimsical Mama is that part of you that may never have felt at home in your skin, with your quirks or eccentricities.


However, by giving ourselves permission to explore what we intuitively know about us to be true, we can begin the process of healing. We can honour that little person inside who still feels hurt and misunderstood.


Would you like to get to know your Whimsical Mama more intimately and support her to thrive as a perfect part of you? This intuitive, enchanting free-spirit already resides within you. I would be honoured to support you to embody your feminine superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


I invite you to join me for a complimentary 40-minute discovery call where I will show you how you can harness not only her magic, but the potent qualities of all 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes, to connect to your powerful body-based wisdom and cultivate deep self-knowing, trust and confidence as a mother.


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Kate x



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