Ditch new year resolutions & embrace powerful “words to live by”

I’ve never been a fan of New Year resolutions. They’ve always seemed shallow and flippant, the things you wish you could change about yourself or your life by just clicking your fingers and pretending there’s not a shit-tonne of work that needs to happen before you are able to actually “quit smoking for good”, “get healthier”, or “find my soulmate”.

Champers in hand, buzzing with the energy and excitement of new possibilities, it is so easy to vow that things will be different next year. You will try harder, persevere longer, do things differently. But when the headache from the champers subsides and the rosey glow of the first few weeks of a new year passes by… what do we do?

We go into default mode.

Deeply programmed, comfortable, protective, devil-you-know default.

As we approach a brand new journey around the sun, resolutions for self-development and self-improvement are wonderful in theory. But it’s the approach we take that really matters. It’s how we connect to what we truly crave in life that will mean the difference between altering the trajectory of our path and staying stuck in patterns that sabotage any real attempt at joyful living.

I love the concept of choosing a word to encompass all you desire from the impending year. I am terribly indecisive, so I like to go for three words that tightly define where I will focus my energy and growth.

They are my ‘3 words to live by in 2018’.

For these words to have weight and influence on us, it’s important that they reflect where we have come from in 2017 and where we want to go with the new opportunities that 2018 can and will present us – if we are open to them.

In retrospect, my 2017 was defined by “expansion”. It was as if stars aligned, allowing a whole new world of personal growth to open up for
me. New and interesting relationships were formed and developed, I tapped into a well of creativity that had lain dormant for years, I was stretched in my capacity for surrender and acceptance, and my feminine fire was ignited in raw, untamed and authentic experiences.

And I can feel it’s just the beginning.

As I embark on another chapter of my story, I have decided on three words that I will lean on for guidance and inspiration for purposeful living next year. In no particular order, mine are:



I love even typing these words… they make me feel good. Excited for the potential they bring and a little nervous about where they might take me.

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, I will make a promise to myself. I promise that each opportunity that comes my way be filtered through these words and the power of their meaning.

I will check in with these words when I am presented with choices and assess whether I am choosing ways that support me to “play small” or to live out my ultimate potential and “play big” instead.

I will use them to navigate back to my centre when I am struck by grief and challenge, helping me to breathe deeper and love harder.

I will let them flow over me when I catch myself falling into the “good girl” default and giving way too many fucks about what others might think of me – rather than letting my message pour out in raw, authentic realness.

I will see them as my lighthouse when I fall into the trap of giving, giving, giving…  instead reminding myself to be open, vulnerable and receive with no ounce of guilt or “should’s.

I will scream them at the top of my lungs and whisper them in my private moments.

In 2018, I will trust that I am co-writing an epic life story for myself alongside an ever-loving universe; I will bravely navigate new, soul-enriching experiences; and I will continue to release my inner wild woman, un-taming her and her goddess ways so that she can inspire other sisters to rise to do the same. These are my resolutions.

How will you show up to 2018? Are you ready to ditch the empty resolutions and embrace your words to live by?

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Don’t start the year with an empty resolution! Let’s get you off to an epic start instead.



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